Consider That With Holly Acebo

BMI testing in schools has recently been a hot topic inthe media.  After a few years of requiring students to undergo these Body Mass index tests, some are calling for an end to them.  Some say the results are inaccurate and make relativiely healthy children think they have a weight problem.

The concern for our children is that nearly one in three will be obese by the time they reach 30.  This will result in ever increasing complications associated with excess weight: diapbetes, heart disease, high blook pressure, high cholesterol and even cancer.  But ask some of the parents of children who received a BMI letter stating their child had a problem and then did something about it.

Fortunately, NEA Clinic Charitable Foundation has developed a proram to respond to theis problem in an integrated fashion, a place where parents can go when they've received a BMI letter from their child's school.  The Center for healthy Children addresses obesity ina  way that is breaking new ground. It recognizes that the solutions to the challenge of obesity require the participation of the family as a unit.  The program includes fitness activities, cooking classes, and food shopping management. The program takes children that have often never exercised and transforms them into confident young people who can manage their lifestyle choices.

NEACCF Center for Healthy Children is offered free to the community. No child should have to face the problem of obesity, and we are here to help the families of Northeast Arkansas.  What if communities and scholls across the country took this same approach to the health of our children.....consider that.