Check Scams Don't Check Out

March 30, 2007 - Posted at 5:39 p.m. CDT

RAVENDEN, AR -- Email can be a wonderful tool of communication, but some are using the web to take your money.

Shawna Pfeffer was checking her email one day when she was offered a job that sounded too good to be true.

"It sounds easy," admitted Pfeffer.

The serve as the financial middle man for two businesses.

"What it ended up boiling down to is I was going to get 7% commission off these checks they were going to send me," explained Pfeffer.

And everything about it made sense...the checks looked real, the bank was real and even the companies writing the checks - check out.

"I did call the companies and yes they are legit companies," said Pfeffer.

The checks, however, aren't real. Pffefer was aware of the scam and decided to play along to see how far these scam artists would go. She found out the hard way when they called her Wednesday morning a little after 6:30 a.m.

"He said he was from Australia, he asked me if I had cashed the checks I said no I have not and yesterday I got another phone call," said Pfeffer.

However these scam artists are hard to track, the checks they sent have no return address and the call back number is just an answering service.

This isn't the first time the Pfeffer family has had someone come at them with a check scam back.  In October a similar offer came but this time they were scammed for $200.

"We had to wire the money then the bank called us immediately and said you have a fraudulent check," said Pfeffer.

While the Pfeffers were lucky this time, they know it could have been much worse.

"There's nothing you can do you will spend time in jail if you go through with them you'll lose everything you have if you don't watch out," said Pfeffer.

And in the end the lesson is easy money isn't always so easy.

"All money is hard to get you have to work for it," said Pfeffer.

This isn't the only check scam that is fooling people. Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel is warning residents about offers to be a secret shopper where you but merchandise with a check they send you then you wire them the rest of the money you don't spend.