Capturing the Tornado: Marmaduke - One Year Later

MARMADUKE, AR -- It's a day that most likely won't ever be forgotten across all of Region 8. Monday marks the one year anniversary of the April 2nd tornadoes that devistated many communities around the area.

Tim Stone, a Marmaduke local, rewinds back to april 2nd last year. He remembers just standing out on his back porch taking pictures of the sky, not expecting the F-3 tornado to make a turn for Marmaduke.

"Next thing I know, here comes a tornado. It's coming over the hill. I wasn't really expecting it to do the damage it did," says Tim Stone, who capturing the tornado in a picture.

Tim has a love of photography and says he couldn't pass up the chance to capture the moment.

"Most people did not even see the tornado that their home was destroyed by. They were inside or if they did see it, they were running from it," says Stone.

The picture was shot just minutes before the tornado made a turn back to the left and either damaged or destroyed over half of the town's 525 homes. Tim says he didn't realize until later the value of his pictures.

"I thought let me blow it up and see what it looks like after I blow it up and when I got it back, I thought man, this is an awesome picture you know. I thought we need to get this out so people can see it and see what happened," says Stone.

After having the picture enlarged in several different sizes and displayed at a local restaurant, Tim says the questions began to roll in.

"I've had a lot of people ask who took that picture or who was crazy enough to take that picture? I just happen to be in the wrong spot at the right time. Probably never do another picture like that I guarentee ya and don't really want to do another picture like that," says Stone.

It's the picture that says it all; Capturing a moment in time that will now be more than just a memory in their minds.

"Everytime we look up that hill, you basically see what was going to happen at that time. You know you'll never forget it," adds Stone.

Tim Stone's home suprisingly only sustained minor damage during the tornado.

Monday night on KAIT we'll present our special "Region 8 Remembers April 2nd, 2006" and hear from many of the people that lived through the nightmare of last year's devestating tornado.