Legislators to Wrap Up Tomorrow

LITTLE ROCK, AR - The Legislature is planning to wrap up its business tomorrow.

The House and Senate are expected to approve legislation on how to spend the state's $919 million surplus and a bill setting priorities for spending the more than $8.8 billion budget.

A number of pieces of legislation have not made it through the process.  But not every bill submitted will be voted upon.  Senator Shane Broadway, who is a former House Speaker, says each session reaches the point where any number of bill sponsors are told their measures won't come to the floor.

The bills either die or are referred for further study.

A bill that would ban gay foster parents could be brought to the House floor for a vote, even though the bill was stranded in committee.  A separate measure to create a trauma treatment network in the state could also remain alive today.   Legislators disagree on the funding method for the centers.

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