Postal Service's New Stamp Is Forever

The cost of mailing a letter will increase once again from 39 cents to 41 cents for first class mail. That's the 13th increase 32 years.

Honestly, to mail a letter for 41 cents is actually still a pretty good deal when you think about the rising cost of other services. But whether you think the cost increase is justified or not, you should know that this time the postal service got it right.

Consider This:

Next week you have the opportunity to purchase the Forever Stamp which is good - Forever. No more trying to figure out if you need an extra 2 or 3 cent stamp to add to your letter to ensure it has enough postage to make it to its destination.

The new 41 cent rate doesn't kick in until May 14th so use up those 39 cent stamps over the next month. And stock up on those Forever stamps... if the trend of 13 rate increases over 32 years continues in the future the 2007 version of the Forever stamp will be a great deal in 2039.

The new stamp features the Liberty Bell... so I say... let freedom ring... Forever.