Following God

November 2nd 2001, the Pleasant Valley Church in Greene County was struck by lightning. A day later, members of the congregation were still trying to stop the resulting fire and save what they could. Pastor John Everett remembers what it was like seeing his church burn to the ground. "My children were crying and we were upset. As I was pulling up, I could see the sanctuary was engulfed in flames.

The firefighters worked until they realized it was a losing cause. Even today, John's mind is flooded with the memories of preaching to the people and praying with them. But, his most precious memory is of his children. "This was the place where my children were saved and baptized. I had the privilege of standing in the baptistery that was destroyed and looking into their eyes and saying I baptize you my brother and my sister. Many things that were precious to us were lost in the building."

However, for the Pleasant Valley Church, not all was lost. As John Everett and his congregation prayed, they began to sense God was pushing them to relocate. "This church had serve a wonderful purpose. In the early stages, there was a house on every corner with 8 or 9 children in the house to take care of the family farm. But the family farm has gone under to the point where there's just not many left in this neighborhood."

John found some property on Old Walcott Road. The area is being developed and would make a great location for a church. John prayed they would be able to buy 5 acres. The owner insisted they take all 23 at no charge. "The members of the congregation shared with me that they had prayed Lord if its your will for us to move, would you give us the land that we need to relocate on. So, this was not only an answer to prayer. It was an affirmation of what God was doing in our congregation."