Biodiesel Making Its Way to Southeast Missouri

April 3, 2007 - Posted at 5:12 p.m. CDT

DEXTER, MO -- Much like prices at the pump soy bean oil costs are on the rise.  And with soybean oil being the most used biodiesel fuel stock... bio fuel producers are looking for alternatives.

A brand new biodiesel plant in Dexter, Missouri plans to use a fairly common bi-product to supplement their production.  At Global Fuels 11C, they are ahead of the curve when it comes to alternative fuels.

"We can make biodiesel with soy bean oil or poultry grease or a combination," said plant manager Tim Hutchcraft. Hutchcraft and his crew produced their first batch of biodiesel on Monday... the first of what they hope will be many more. "As soon as we generate enough fuel we'll start selling it," said Hutchcraft.

The new $5 million dollar plant located outside of Dexter is one of the first in a growing number of refineries looking to help the country decrease its demand for foreign oil.

"It's clean, renewable, it's completive, I think there's a spot in the industry for biodiesel," commented Hutchcraft.

At Global Fuels they expect to produce around 9,000 gallons of biodiesel a day and up to 3 million gallons a year.  They feel their location in Dexter is perfect to take advantage of a number of geographic factors.

"Anytime you can cut down on your transportation it helps so it's closeness or product whether it be your soybean oil or poultry grease," said Hutchcraft.

With several soy bean oil presses and poultry refineries in the region global fuels feel the competitive prices compared to regular diesel will help attract buyers to their product however they feel the benefits of biodiesel will keep them coming back.

"Biodiesel is more of a lubricant seems to get a few more miles per gallon and should have a diesel engine should last longer," said Hutchcraft.

Global Fuels plans to sell the biodiesel locally to help keep the prices low for local farmers and other diesel users. They hope increased publicity about bio fuels will help to put their product at the pump.

"Demand drives people to put those in and if the demand is there I think the stations will use it," said Hutchcraft.

In addition to the location in Dexter, another biodiesel plant is in the works for Braggadocio in Pemiscot County.