Marion Man Charged with Murder of Child This Morning

WEST MEMPHIS, AR - Police in West Memphis have charged a Crittenden County man with first degree murder in the death of a 17-month-old child who died early this morning.

According to Asst. Police Chief Mike Allen, officers responded to a 911 call shortly after midnight this morning to an apartment at 415 South Avalon Street.  Upon arrival, officers discovered that a car had hit 17-month-old Jerkala Clark and 29-year-old Jerome Clark.  The child was taken to Crittenden Regional Hospital in West Memphis and died as a result of her injuries.  Jerome Clark was also taken to the same hospital, where he is being treated for a broken leg.

Police claim that 23-year-old Kintrell Patterson was at the residence for a birthday party for Jerome Clark and became involved in an argument with Clark, and was asked to leave the party.  "Upon leaving and having words with Clark, he accelerated his vehicle in an attempt to back over Clark and struck Clark and the 17-month-old," according to a police report.  Police say Patterson then left the scene and was later arrested by a Crittenden County Sheriff's deputy at his residence in Marion.

The suspect's wife and the mother of the child are sisters, making the girl Patterson's niece.

Patterson is also charged with first degree battery in regards to the injuries to Jerome Clark.  Patterson faces arraignment this afternoon.