Business Recovers After Severe Weather

JONESBORO, AR -- A day after a severe storm system caused some damage in Region 8, those impacted are picking up and moving forward.

The brunt of the storms in Craighead County hit the Aramark plant in Jonesboro's industrial park and employees are already back on the job.

"There's just some heavy damage to the back of our location.  We only use the front half of the building.  The back half is vacant so we're lucky there.  It didn't destroy any of our equipment or anything," said Wes Wilkerson of Aramark.

But there is some damage.  The trailer filled with dirty uniforms from Aramark was hit by the storm causing a chain reaction.

"That truck has some pretty severe damage.  The truck actually flipped onto another truck and broke out a windshield," said Wilkerson.

There is a lot of work ahead for the building owner and he already has in mind what he plans to do.

"I will start securing part of the building that's not damaged and then I'm supposed to meet with the insurance adjustor later on and we'll just go from there," said Bob Harrison.

"We were just really lucky no one was hurt.  Everybody is back on the road," said Wilkerson.