Beebe Looks to Highways, Health Care as Future Projects

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Beebe has been praising the just-concluded legislative session, but he says there are still unresolved problems the state has to address.

Beebe says the state has health care issues and highway funding problems that he wants to try to remedy in the future.  The governor also says he wants to remove the rest of the state's sales tax on groceries, now that half of the six-cent tax will be eliminated July 1.

Beebe says a bill that would have banned homosexuals and unmarried couples from fostering or adopting children would not have stood up under a court challenge.  Beebe says he does not believe the bill was unconstitutional, and that he thinks the House was in agreement because the measure did not get out of committee.

Backers of the ban have said they're considering gathering signatures to place the proposal on the 2008 ballot as a constitutional amendement or iniated act.

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