Honest Student Returns Lost $100 Bill

April 4, 2007 - Posted at 5:51 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- What would you do if you found a $100 dollar bill on the ground??  Would you put it in your pocket or try to find the owner...it's a tough question, especially is no one is around.

They say character is defined as how you behave when no one is watching...and one Region 8 student is a prime example of honesty and integrity.

Jonesboro Public Schools Computer Network Administrator Michael Summers found himself $100 bucks short when he left work Monday.

"I really just started trying to replay everything in my mind. trying to retrace all my steps for the day and we got back in the car, went back out to the soccer fields for a long time, I came back up to south and looked all around the parking lot, around the front door," said Summers.

He couldn't find it because someone else already had.

"My mom had a conference with my teacher this morning and we were getting out of the car in the front parking lot," said third grade student Frances Fitts, "I walked about four steps and I found a $100 bill and I asked my mom, do you think we should turn this in? and she said yes."

Fitts did the right thing...and it wasn't long before Summers was reunited with his cash.

"I would expect most adults to do what she did but a lot of kids, it may have ended up in their pockets or down there socks or something without being told and I am just really proud of what she did turning the money in," said Summers.

"You are supposed to ask a parent or give it to somebody if they say it was theirs, you should give it to them," said Fitts.

And little Frances Fitts' honesty paid off...$20 to be exact!

"Once I heard it was a student, it really made me proud and I wanted to make sure she got the proper recognition for it," said Summers.

"I really am glad that somebody really came and claimed it and that they got their money back that they lost," smiled Fitts.

Frances and Michael met on Tuesday at South Elementary and had their picture made together.