Delaplaine Community Association Takes GCT to Court

April 5, 2007 - Posted at 8:46 p.m. CDT

DELAPLAINE, AR -- The Greene County Tech School board announced last year they would be closing the Delaplaine campus in May, at the end of the 2007 school year.  Largely because of funding, Delaplaine students will have to consolidate with GCT pupils at the beginning of the next academic year. But parents and members of the Delaplaine Community Association are fighting the change with a lawsuit filed earlier this week.

"We want to remain cautiously optimistic, it's hard to because when you're David facing Goliath," said DCA member Amy Rothe.

The Rothe family is part of the Delaplaine Community Association...a group that doesn't feel a thorough investigation was conducted before the decision was made to close the Delaplaine campus.

"Everybody had just had their heart ripped out. It was very emotional, homecoming was very emotional and the last home ballgame, senior night was very emotional," said Delaplaine resident Phillip Rothe.

"They based their decision on pure finances and there's more to it, really there needs to be more investigation before the decision is made, especially when you think of a school that is as isolated as this campus is," said Amy Rothe.

Now a judge will make the decision.  Papers filed with the circuit court of Green County cite Greene County Tech in violation of the Freedom of Information Act.  An injunction was also filed to prevent closure of the Delaplaine School until an independent investigation is preformed.

"I believe this community needs a school, it needs a place where people can connect and we don't need to lose the one part of our community that is vital to its growth and development," said Amy Rothe.

"It's been very much of a thing of bringing the community back together," said Phillip Rothe.

The court case regarding whether or not GCT violated the Freedom of Information Act is scheduled to go before Judge David Burnett next Wednesday.