Lt. Governor Says He Might Try Again with Lottery Effort

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter says he's trying to decide whether to wait for the 2009 legislative session to try again to get a state lottery on the ballot -- or if he should mount a petition drive to put his proposal on next year's election ballot.

A co-sponsor of Halter's lottery measure said yesterday that the proposed constitutional amendment died during the legislative session this year in part because of speculation that Halter may run against Senator Mark Pryor next year.

But Halter said he's still committed to creating a lottery to fund college scholarships and teacher bonuses. He first promoted the idea during a brief campaign for governor last year before he dropped out of that race and into the race for lieutenant governor.

Representative Will Bond of Jacksonville, who sponsored the lottery proposal, said questions about Halter's political future may have hurt the measure.

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