Autism Conference to be Held in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR -- April is Autism Awareness Month and in light of that a conference is being held locally to increase awareness and knowledge of the disease.

Dayna Miller is one of several parents who formed the autism spectrum disorder are a part of the Autism Association of North East Arkansas, a group they formed together.

"We just decided that it was time we used our experiences to help others especially those newly diagnosed," said Miller.

Each of these children is special with a different form of this confusing illness.  To help other parents the group is holding their first conference next week.

"There's so much information out there and it's so hard for parents to weed through what can help their child and what's just a myth," said Miller.

Originally there were 300 seats available for the conference but this morning that number grew even bigger.

"I contacted and told them we still had so many families wanting to get in that we raised the registration to 500," said Miller.

This conference is open to anyone, especially for those with children who have been recently diagnosed.

"These parents go through so much already so we wanted to make this free so parents can come and take away some evidence based knowledge," said Miller.

Arkansas is fourth in the nation in the number of children with autism.  One in every 145 children will be diagnosed with autism in Arkansas.

You can still register for the conference.