Three Northeast Arkansas Counties Test Program to Fight Meth Use

HARRISBURG, AR - A pilot program to track electronically the purchase of ingredients commonly used to make methamphetamine is being set up in three northeast Arkansas counties.  The program is similar to a statewide effort recently approved by the Legislature that would track one of those ingredients, pseudoephedrine.

Meth Check will be used by law enforcement agencies in Craighead, Cross and Poinsett counties, in cooperation with pharmacies.  The program calls for a computerized database of why's buying products such as pseudoephedrine.  Now, most areas use a written log to track the purchases.

Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills says the electronic list can be transferred from a pharmacy to law enforcement agencies in Harrisburg, Jonesboro and Wynne within 15 minutes of a purchase.  The pharmacies also will have equipment to scan the driver's licenses of those purchasing products commonly used in methamphetamine.

The three counties are splitting the costs for the pilot program.

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