Pig Owners to Appeal Case to Jonesboro Council Next Week

JONESBORO, AR - Pigs have never been as popular in Jonesboro as Indians...since Indians are, at least for the moment, the sports teams at Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, while the Razorback pig is the symbols of the University of Arkansas' teams.

But John and Michelle Eaton of Jonesboro are hog wild about their beloved potbellied pig Rooty.  And they're willing to fight City Hall to keep their family pet at home.  K8 News introduced you to Rooty and the Eatons last week.

The couple now says they will make their case to Jonesboro aldermen at a City Council meeting April 17.  City codes prohibit live swine within city limits.

But the Eatons say Rooty is not your typical pig.  They say potbellied pigs like Rooty aren't the same as the pigs on a farm.  For example, potbellied pigs are smaller, can be litter box trained and eat dog food.

If the city council turns them down, the Eatons say they're prepared to leave the city.  John Eaton says he's talked with Paragould officials who would allow Rooty to live in city limits.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)