Fake Money Maker Arrested

JONESBORO, AR -- A Jonesboro man is behind bars Monday and police say he's in there for making counterfeit cash. The arrest follows a yearlong investigation into the funny money.

Police say 28 year old Terrance Odoms is guilty of being a fake money maker and using the dollars to his advantage.

"We've been after him for a while for counterfeiting 100 dollar bills. He was taking 5 dollar bills and making them into 100 dollar bills by bleaching them," says Sgt. Kenny Oldham with the Jonesboro Police Department.

After a high speed police chase Sunday night, Odoms was arrested for careless driving and fleeing. But the real charges were still to come. The Criminal Investigation Division at J.P.D. quickly realized that they possibly had their money maker in cuffs, an arrest they say has been hard to pinpoint for nearly a year.

"A lot of the counterfeits that are just computer generated, they can be checked with a black light to see if there's a magnetic strip in them. These were very hard to detect because they are actual currency," says Sgt. Oldham.

On the way to his bond hearing Monday afternoon, we asked Mr. Odoms about his charges.

"I feel like I've been accused," says Terrance Odoms, who was arrested and charged with the felony of forgery.

Accused of forgery in the first degree, using and making counterfeit bills, he stated to the judge in court, he felt he's been charged by 'word of mouth,' but police say they have plenty of evidence. This is an investigation that even had the feds working on an arrest.

"The secret service has been involved with this investigation. They'll probably have an officer come speak with him in the next few days," says Sgt. Oldham.

The police records and surveillance video shows the proof. Terrance Odoms was seen last October using his fake 100's at Wal-Mart. The cashier marked the bills, but since they were made from a real 5 dollar bill, it wasn't until later that they realized the money was fake.

Odoms was sent to the Craighead County Detention Center and given a bond of $25,000.

He is set to appear before a judge in Circuit Court on May 31st.