A Productive Legislative Session

The Arkansas Legislature wrapped up their session last week and this should go down as one of the most productive sessions in history.

With over 800 million dollars in surplus revenue the legislators were able to tackle many issues that may have been more difficult without the large surplus.

Consider This:

The grocery tax was reduced in half... from 6% to 3%.

Over $450 million has been set aside to improve public school facilities and increase public school funding. Hopefully that will end the legal battles that have drug on for much too long.

Although we saw several positive accomplishments, a couple of issues there were not handled adequately really need attention before the next planned session in 2009. There was no specific plan to deal with much needed road improvements across the state. As we have seen with the most recent upgrades... better roads mean more business, more jobs and fewer accidents.

We also need to figure out a way to fund a proposed trauma center. The citizens of Arkansas deserve a first class trauma facility and the legislature needs to tackle this issue even if it means a special legislative session.

So for this session, we'll award a grade of B+. Although it could have been better, it was still pretty darn good.