Beebe: Pentagon "Changing Rules" for 39th

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A spokesman says Governor Beebe is concerned about the U.S. military "changing the rules" to call the Arkansas National Guard's 39th Infantry Brigade back to Iraq.

Matt DeCample says Beebe is concerned about the 2,800-member brigade receiving the training and equipment they need before heading back into combat.  DeCample says Beebe remains in constant contact with Arkansas Adjutant General Bill Wofford about the 39th, which may deploy with National Guard troops from Indiana, Ohio and Oklahoma some time after October 1.

DeCample says the governor knows the soldiers will make Arkansas proud.  However, DeCample says the governor wishes they didn't have to go back a second time, saying "we need them here too."

Beebe's comments come after Ohio Governor Ted Strickland said today that the troops from his state will be harmed if there's a failure to adequately plan for their deployment.  Strickland says he wants to make sure that soldiers from Ohio are "given every advantage they need to be safe."

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