A Safe Place From the Storm

April 10, 2007 -- Posted at 4:25 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR -- After the tornado that swept through Marmaduke last year, many were left seeking safe shelter from the storm.

"Our home was destroyed in the tornado last year in Marmaduke. Our daughter's home was also destroyed. We had only been in our home for about twenty months and our daughter had only been in hers for a few months. We lost everything."

Theresa and Gene Huckabay decided it was about time to get a storm shelter.

"We live in Jonesboro now and when the storm clouds came up last Tuesday, we got scared. We got in the car and tried to get away from the storm. We came home and said we were getting a storm cellar, no more running."

Chris Hedger, with Hedger Brothers, Inc. says that it doesn't take long to get the shelter put in.

"It can be done in a day. You have the hole dug, fill it with rock so the water can run off around it, and then we put the cellar in the ground. And then you have a safe place to go.'

Hedger says if the storms coming, he's headed underground.

"They tell you to go to the center of your home, but a tornado can pull up a home, it can't pull up a cellar out of the ground. That's the safest place you can be when the tornado hits. Nothing will happen to you and your family in there. You'll come out with no scars, injuries, you'll be safe."

Storm shelters range from about $1,250 to about $2,500, depending on how big you want it and if you want electricity.

If you would like more information about storm cellars in this area, you can contact Hedger Brothers, Inc. at (870) 935-6192.

Location: 309 Culberhouse in Jonesboro