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Lake City, AR -- Brandi Hodges Reports

Construction Zone Safety

LAKE CITY, AR -- There are construction sites all across region 8 and often it is there that accidents happen.

"I've seen a lot of near misses," said construction worker Mike Hill.

An accident on highway 63 that ended in a double fatality happened in a construction zone.       No workers were at the construction site at the time.

"People don't slow down.  They see us out here working close to the edge of the road and they don't slow down.  They don't act like we're even there," said Hill.

The construction on highway 18 through Lake City has been going on for more than a year and driver's are getting frustrated.

"The most dangerous part is the bridge barriers that create the detour.  You can't really see the headlights coming on until you've actually turned that corner," said Matt Robins.

Changes almost always have to be made to make the road better.  That includes making changes in traffic.

"We try not to slow traffic down anymore than we have to," said construction worker Preston Hargrove.

"We have to be out here every day just like everybody driving down the highway.  We want to be safe just like everbody else when they go to work," said Hill.

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