Pet Food Recall List Gets Longer

JONESBORO, AR -- It's been three weeks since a major pet food recall was announced, but more pets keep getting sick, and pet owners are still worried.

The F.D.A. and scientists finally think they know what is causing the pet food to be contaminated, but once that was discovered, the list of recalled pet food brands just got longer.

With 3 dogs and 1 cat at home, Becky Shannon takes this pet food recall seriously.

"Your pets are part of your family and you don't want anything to happen to part of your family," says Shannon.

She says her pets haven't eaten the food that's been recalled, but she's still staying up to date on the bad foods.

"We feed using dry dog food, so initially it was the wet or the canned, and now that the dry dog food has come out, I have been watching the list to make sure," says Shannon.

And that's exactly what veterinarians say you need to do. With the recall list of pet foods growing, pet owners need to stay aware of which foods can be bad.

"The list is very long now. There's probably a list total of close to 100 brands of dog and cat foods combined that have been recalled," says Dr. Kevin Reid, a local veterinarian.

Now, certain dry pet foods and dog biscuits from different companies than Menu Foods have been added to the list as well, and with more tainted foods, comes more sick animals.

"There have been a lot more animals affected than were initially reported than the first 9 or 10. There have been a lot of reports anecdotally from veterinarians all across the United States where animals have been affected. We've screened several animals here and actually had a cat that was clinically affected with kidney failure," says Dr. Reid.

And even if the food you've been feeding your pet hasn't been recalled, veterinarians say it's still important to keep checking the list.

"It's prudent to check. Check the websites for the individual foods that you've been feeding or that the owners are anticipating feeding, just make sure," adds Dr. Reid.

Checking the lists of bad foods is extremely important, so click on the link below for a list of the recalled pet foods from the F.D.A.