All Bills from Session Either Signed or Vetoed

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Beebe has either signed or vetoed the last of the bills to be passed by the Legislature in this year's regular session.

Beebe vetoed eight bills but signed 1,754 bills and resolutions.  The session produced fewer bills than in 2005, when 2,328 bills and resolutions were sent to then-governor Mike Huckabee.

A governoro can allow a bill to become law by letting it sit on his desk, but Beebe either signed or vetoed each measure.

Among the bills Beebe killed was a measure that would have allowed state residents to put a "security freeze" on their credit reports as a way to combat identity theft.  Beebe says he vetoed the bill because people who were not victims of crimes could have frozen their reports.

Other vetoed bills involved local projects that Beebe's office said were unconstitutional for the Legislature to fund.

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