Pryor: Iraqi Government Must Govern Itself

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Senator Mark Pryor says the continuing violence in Iraq must be overcome by the fledgling democracy.  Pryor says Iraq will soon have to unify and provide its own security because the American people are losing patience.

The Democrat from Arkansas told reporters in a regular conference call that the problems in Iraq are political and not problems that can be solved by using the military.

Pryor also discussed the announcement that the 39th Infantry Brigade will be called up again.

Pryor says he's talked briefly with Governor Beebe and state Adjutant General Bill Wofford about the 39th and properly equipping its soldiers.  Pryor says the brigade has received more equipment in the last few months and will be ready for its possible deployment.

Pryor is the only Senate Democrat who voted against a bill calling for a public timetable for a withdrawal from Iraq.  Today he stood by his stance that any such plans should remain a secret.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)