Families Sending Support to the Soldiers in the 875th

JONESBORO, AR -- A special delivery is on the way for the  875th Engineer Battalion.  The soldiers have been gone for about seven months now.

The Family Readiness Groups with the 875th spent Wednesday morning preparing care boxes to send to Iraq.

"Care packages are pretty important.  There's a lot of guys over there that don't have family to send them things," said Specialist Josh Lilly.

Lilly has served two tours of duty in Iraq.

"I know when I was over there no matter what's in them, everyone likes to get mail," said Lilly.

Care boxes are sent out from the family readiness groups every five or six months.

"These are the necessary things that our guys need over there and we're able to send it out because of all the support that we've gotten here," said Brandee Lindsey.

"Depending on where you're at a lot of times you can't even get the basic things," said Lilly.

Lorenda Meritdith's son is serving his first tour in Iraq.  She said by doing this, she feels closer to her son.

Almost all of the things being sent are donations.  Items collected from the people of Region 8.

"I just feel like we need to have continued support for the 875th.  It was so strong in the beginning but it's gone on and on and I feel like people are geginning to forget," said Meridith.

For information on how you can help out with preparing boxes or donating items for the boxes you can call Ted Pylant at 870-926-2599.