New Security Systems Help Defend Your Home

JONESBORO - Guard dogs and locks aren't really cutting it anymore when it comes to the protection of your home and your family.

In the last year, Green County had 35 breaking and entering cases, and had 20 arrests.  Some of those could be be in thanks to security systems.

Security systems can range from high tech to low tech, and range greatly in price.  Generally the higher end systems requie hard wires and intsallers to come in and electronically fortify your home.  These systems can incorporate everything from cameras to home automation systems in a pusuit to reduce the risk of intrusion and increase the chances of catching someone that did manage to break into your house.  However, you must be prepared to pay the price as you are buying both high tech equipment and installation. And while this method will provide the most sophiticated home security your pocket book may end up a lot lighter.

On the lower end of home secuity a wide array of do it yourself systems are availiable.  From wireless modules to simple install kits many products can be found for this type of home security.  Perhaps the most beneficial part of the lower end products is that they are made to start out small and build up.  Especially if you are not looking to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time the lower end systems allow for the purchase of a base system that can be added to later.