Delaplaine Group Wins Access to Greene County Tech's Records

PARAGOULD, AR - A circuit judge says a group that hopes to keep Delaplaine's school is entitled to search computer records held by the Greene County Tech School District.  The group is seeking information about plans to shutter the small, isolated campus.

The district has fought giving general access to the records to the Delaplaine Community Action group.

The group filed a lawsuit last week seeking an injunction against closing the Delaplaine School.  The lawsuit alleges a violation of the Freedom of Information Act and a hearing was held Wednesday on the issue because FOI cases must be addressed within seven days under the law.

Judge David Burnett said the group must provide a list of specific items for which to be searched.

Burnett says he's not certain he has jurisdiction over the closing.

The Greene County School Board voted 7-to-0 last year to close the Delaplaine campus, which has 245 students.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)