Julio Out Of Julio's

JONESBORO, AR - We first introduced you to Julio Diaz in 2004 when he first received a liquor permit for a new restaurant he was opening.  In the past three years a lot has happened.  Diaz took on partners and is now no longer involved in the restaurant.

On Friday police escorted Julio from the restaurant, but he is hanging on to one big piece of the pie -- the liquor permit.

"Ever since I acquired this liquor license I've had nothing but trouble," said Diaz.

Julio's business partner is trying to get the liquor license transferred from Diaz to himself.

"It takes thirty days for it to be transfered over, so legally I'm still the owner of the liquor license," said Diaz.

In the past month Julio has had many problems, problems he says he hasn't brought on himself.

"All I want is to prove to Jonesboro, Arkansas that I've been a good standing citizen, I'm not a trouble maker, and all I want is to get my name back," said Diaz.

On Thursday Julio told K8 News that he'll file lawsuits against the City of Jonesboro, Police Chief Mike Yates, his business partner, and his attorney.

"I'm only fighting for whats right.  I haven't done anything wrong.  Chief Yates even said I was hysterical," said Diaz.

He addressed rumors that drugs have played a part in his bizarre behavior.

"Everybody is insinuating that this restaurant is being run by drugs.  If they look at my financial status and bills- if I'm a drug dealer then I'm the worst drug dealer in Jonesboro," said Diaz.

Julio is very upset over these recent changes, and seeing his dreams be taken away from him.

"When I got this restaurant I got it so my family and I could eat and I've been told that I got it to spite people," said Diaz.

Julio said he will start over fresh and open another restaurant.  The restaurant's  manager said the name on the sign will soon change.