Gas Prices on the Rise

JONESBORO-For those that commute on a daily basis, they know the hardships of filling up the tank.

Convenient store managers say overall people have gotten used to the fluctuating prices, but it's those like college students that are affected the most.

They say when you are already tight on money, upwards of $30 to $50 a month is just unbearable. "It is very difficult for those of us on a budget. All of my friends drive trucks and everytime it goes up a cent they are like, oh my gosh gas prices are going up again. We can't stand it," said Laura Irby, a commuting ASU student.As of Friday the national average of gasoline is $2.84 per gallon.

While we haven't hit that number just yet, we're not far behind here in Region 8.

In the last month gas has risen more than 30 cents per gallon. "I definitely don't feel the whole tank up at a time because I can't afford that," said Irby.

"It seems like just a month ago they were down to two dollars or less and it makes you wonder why they've jumped up so much. Yes, I am concerned about it, just like everyone else," said Donna Irby of Jonesboro.

Many say with summer months and more travel, it's expected.

"Summer is starting back and they are back up again. It's all about the seasonal thing. In between they are fine, but when you start getting to the beginning and the end...that's really when it gets toughest," said Chad Bell.

It's even tougher for convenient store employees.

"The customer thinks it's our fault. Sometimes they get mad at our employees, and they will be like why is this the gas price. So they get mad at our employee," said Rohit Kumer, Manager of the BP at Southwest and Parker Drive.

Thanks to the increasing number of drive offs, they've had to take measures to save their own profits.

"We make everybody prepay. It hurts the good customers. Some customers don't like it and they will find other places, so it hurts our business, but we have no choice," said Kumer.

No matter what, gasoline is something we can't seem to do without, no matter the cost.

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