Secretary of State to Try Again for Election Coordinators in Each County

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Secretary of State Charlie Daniels' plan to appoint an election coordinator for each county was approved by the state Senate last month. But Daniels ended up withdrawing the bill because of a lack of committed funding, though he says he'll be back in two years.

Daniels said he was unable to secure the $2.1 million dollars needed to pay for the coordinators, and that led to the bill's demise. A spokesman for Governor Mike Beebe said the governor didn't want to use one-time surplus funds to pay for jobs that would require ongoing state revenue.

But Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample says the governor's office hopes to be able to support the funding in the 2009 session.

Daniels said having a paid election coordinator in all 75 of the state's counties would make Arkansas elections run more smoothly, a reduce the workload on his own staff. Currently, only 24 counties have part-time or full-time election coordinators.

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