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Newport, AR

Female Inmates at Newport Prison Learning Horticulture

NEWPORT, AR - Several women at the McPherson Unit of the state prison system are gaining a marketable skill as they get green thumbs.  Thirteen inmates are participating in a horticulture program taught by Billy Davis, Jr., an instructor at Riverside Vocational Technical School.

Now, the inmates are working to complete 200 container plantings, which will be shown at the 2007 International Master Gardeners Conference in Little Rock next month.

Dina Tyler, a spokeswoman for the Arkansas Department of Correction, praised the project because it teaches the inmates a marketable skill they can use after they're released from prison.

Some of the inmates say they hope to find jobs at greenhouses or plant centers when they're released.  The class is popular among inmates.  Davis said there's now a waiting list to get it.

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