Children's Hospital Advises Parents to Monitor Kids after Virginia Tech Attack

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A psychologist at Arkansas Children's Hospital says parents are the best indicator for their children for how to respond to the slayings at Virginia Tech.

Psychologist Jayne Bellando says parents are encouraged to observe their children's reactions and offer their own responses as a guide.

Bellando says parents also should limit their children's exposure to coverage of frightening events and check to see whether children are having distress or nightmares. She says younger children who see follow-up coverage may believe the shootings are happening again. Bellando says that's an opportunity for parents to reassure their children and answer any questions they may have.

If children are preoccupied with the shootings, parents can ask the children draw pictures or write stories about their thoughts and feelings.

Bellando says parents can find ways that children can help -- by writing letters to the Virginia Tech community or raising money for groups providing aid.

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