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Jonesboro, AR -- Marsha Mays Reporting

Rooty's Move Still Undecided

JONESBORO, AR -- Since Jonesboro Animal Control first showed up at their door 2 weeks ago, John and Michelle Eaton have been anxiously awaiting the chance to speak to the city council about keeping their pot-bellied pig. Tuesday night they had their chance, but not much was accomplished.

The meeting was the chance for Rooty's owners to prove to the council that their pot-bellied pig was a pet and shouldn't be classified as swine, which is currently banned in the city limits.

"It's getting hard because I expected tonight to go easy because you know Rooty's like one of my kids," says Michelle Eaton, who owns Rooty the pot-bellied pig.

Michelle and John say they were hoping for a quick change in the ordinance which states that it is unlawful to keep any live swine within the city limits. As we first showed you earlier this month, Rooty lives in North Jonesboro.

"All they kept referring to him is as swine, it's swine, it's swine, but all the information we have show that pot-bellied pigs are pets and not livestock," says Eaton.

They presented a packet full of information and letters from veterinarians and experts on pot-bellied pigs showing that they are pets, but Michelle says she felt some of it was just a waste.

"I just felt like from right off the bat that some of them were not even taking some of that into consideration," says Eaton.

After several council members argued over the issue, they decided to put the issue off until the next Public Works Committee Meeting. At that time, they will discuss if Rooty the pig is a pet or swine that should be banned from living in the City of Jonesboro.

"That's not Rooty. A pot-bellied pig you don't raise to eat and it just saddens me because if I have to leave, I'll leave because I'm not going to give him up," says Eaton.

The Public Works Committee Meeting will be held on May 15th. Until then, Jonesboro Police Chief Mike Yates says The Eaton's will by law have to be given a citation for keeping their pig in the city.

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