Surviving the Road to College Aid

April 17, 2007 - Posted at 9:54 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Always read the fine print.  It's a lesson one Jonesboro family is learning the hard way. Now, their plan to get college scholarships for their daughter is costing them headaches and a lot of money.

Jonesboro High School senior Charity Lopp plans on majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish.

"My dream college is Ohio State University and I'm working on scholarships so that I can attend," said Charity.

When Charity and her parents heard about the College Consultant Group... an organization that promises to make getting financial aid and scholarships easier, they were ecstatic.

""They were explaining everything, how everything worked and what all we would have to do and what she would have to do so they could find scholarships for her.  So we agreed to it and we signed the contract," said Charity's mother Tammie Lopp.

And to give them $75 a month.

But when Charity's mom realized they could get the same information for free... they wanted out.  The College Consultant Group said no.

"Later on in December of last year, they sent me papers saying they were going to sue me," said Tammie.

The Lopps say the company didn't go over the fine print and they missed the three day cancellation period.  And now, the bill just keeps getting higher...lawyers fees and court costs have raised the total from $1425 to more than $1700 dollars.

"They didn't give me the opportunity to go to court or anything like that, I didn't have that opportunity and the next thing I knew they were garnishing my check," said Tammie, "So now they're garnishing my check and I've not received any services from them what so ever."

"I couldn't believe that somebody would actually go and take advantage of somebody who really wanted to go to college.  I couldn't go to the prom because we were like behind on everything, so everything's just blown up...and I just can't believe there are this kind of people in the world," said Charity.

Charity says she is still waiting to hear back about additional scholarship and financial aid from Ohio State University.