Troubles Continue for Tommy Robinson

LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A federal judge has found former Congressman Tommy Robinson guilty of criminal contempt and ordered him jailed for six months and fined $5,000.

But U.S. Bankruptcy Judge James G. Mixon says Robinson can avoid jail if he stops interfering with bankruptcy proceedings involving property he once owned or co-owned.

Robinson and his wife Carolyn were forced into bankruptcy in March 2005 by two of their creditors -- Boyd Rothwell and Bill Thompson.

In February, Mixon found Robinson and his attorney, former state Senator Bill Lewellen of Marianna, guilty of civil contempt after they sued to stop the planned auction of property Robinson once owned with Rothwell and Thompson.

Robinson and Lewellen were jailed overnight and released when they dropped the suit.

In his order yesterday, Mixon said ``interference'' with the administration of the estate could include assault, battery, threats, and filing frivolous court filings.

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