NBC To Air Some Material Sent To Network By Gunman

BLACKSBURG - More clues are emerging about what Cho Seung-Hui did in the two-hour window between the first burst of gunfire in a dorm and the second barrage in a classroom building.

Authorities say the Virginia Tech gunman mailed a package to N-B-C News between the events. Police say the material includes images of him brandishing weapons and a video of him delivering a diatribe about getting even with rich people. N-B-C says a time stamp on the package indicates it was mailed in the two-hour window between the shootings. M-S-N-B-C says the package included a CD-ROM on which Cho read his manifesto.

"NBC Nightly News'' plans to show some of the material tonight. N-B-C says it turned the package over to authorities. The package was sent to the head of N-B-C News.

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