Traffic Study to Ease Jonesboro Trouble Spots

JONESBORO, AR -- Stadium and Highland...Southwest and Parker...any left hand turn onto the 63 Bypass.  How many times have your hands strangled the steering wheel when you're navigating these trouble spots?

Everyone has an opinion on what needs to be done to smooth out the traffic snarls.... and now the city of Jonesboro is looking for answers using science and a study to put the frustration in the rear view mirror.

The travel time delay study will help the city gauge congestion, identify areas of traffic slowdowns and bottlenecks.

"The data that is going to be collected by the city but it is also going to be given to the Highway and Transportation Department so they can continue to look at what are the basic needs for a city of our size," said project manager Tony Thomas.

For three weeks, consultants will spend Tuesdays and Thursdays driving through traffic...going with the flow.

"They just drive around during peak times, as well as the non peak times to gauge how long it takes to get from one area to another in unmarked cars," said Thomas.

More than a dozen streets and intersections have been selected for the study and GPS devices in the car will monitor travel time.

"There's been a lot of discussion about the length of time and synchronization our signals here in the city so that's going to be one of the immediate areas that we are going to be able to use the data for, as well as planning for our infrastructure here in the city as we grow and add on more signals," said Thomas.

Among the roads selected for the study:

  • U.S. 63 from Bono to the eastern edge of the city
  • Highland Drive from Southwest Drive to Rogers Chapel Road
  • Stadium Boulevard from Johnson Avenue to Lawson Road
  • Washington Avenue from Caraway Road to U.S. 63
  • Caraway Road between Johnson Avenue to Stadium
  • Dan and Johnson avenues from U.S. 63 to Brookland
  • Church Street from Highland Drive to the northern city limits
  • Southwest Drive to Arkansas 349
  • Nettleton Avenue from the U.S. 63 interchange to Lawson Road
  • Lawson Road from Southwest Drive to Stadium.