A Double Blessing

Crystal and Amber are happy, healthy twin girls, born last June to Rick and Jamie Adams of Highland, Arkansas. They knew from ultrasounds that Crystal may have a small problem with her heart. The day the girls were born, they realized it was much worse. Jamie remembers the day like it was yesterday. "She was fine at first, but then within just a couple of hours they found out she was having some real difficulty, so they had to air evac her to Little Rock because there was something wrong."

A valve in Crystal's heart was stuck shut and not allowing blood to flow properly. "I didn't realize it until later, but I had a mild stroke too. So I was fighting sleep. Of course, I was upset, but it really wasn't registering that my daughter was fighting for her life. The doctor was sending her and Amber because she was so small."

Amber was also having problems of her own. Her esophagus had not formed properly and corrective surgery would be needed. Rick says this was a difficult time for him. "I was just a nervous wreck. I'm here, my wife's in Batesville, and the babies are somewhere in a helicopter on their way to Little Rock.

Amber's problem was not too uncommon and easily correctable. But Crystal was facing an uncertain future. Rick says, "At first they were saying they couldn't give us much hope. We didn't know if she was going to live or not. They had them there in the NICU and they just had wires and tubes in those little incubator things. It was real scary because we couldn't pick them up or anything."

The girls spent three weeks at Arkansas Children's Hospital. Amber was doing much better, but Crystal's heart was still having trouble. Then after six months of waiting and watching, the doctor came in saying Crystal's heart was fine and showed no signs there was ever a problem. Rick says, "The first thing out of my mouth was praise God, because at one point, I told them I had faith that God would take care of her, and they said well its not going to get better by itself. Its just not going to go away. She's going to have to have some kind of open heart surgery to remove the valve or put in an artificial one."

Jamie says this only confirmed what she already knew in her heart. "I wasn't really surprised. Maybe I was in denial or maybe I just had good faith. I don't know which it was."

One thing the Adams are sure of, there is power in prayer.