HealthSouth's Education for Stroke Survivors and Families

Stroke Education Class

Monday - Friday Starting at 9:45am


HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Jonesboro

Inpatient Therapy Gym

Experiencing stroke first hand or through a family member can be challenging and overwhelming. But, there are many therapies, treatments and helpful sources available today to make the road to recovery easier. Learn more in our two-week stroke series. Upcoming lesson topics include:

  • Overview
  • Mobility
  • Speech
  • Medical Management

Questions? Call Arlinda, director of clinical services at ext. 270 or 870 933-5270.

Making a Comeback

For many stroke survivors, rehabilitation is a very important part of the recovery process. Studies indicate that 60 percent of stroke survivors can benefit from aggressive rehabilitation intervention, with 80 percent of those treated through rehabilitation services returning to their homes, work, schools or active retirement.*

The effects of stroke may cause you to change, relearn or redefine how you live. Stroke rehabilitation is designed to help you adjust to these mental and physical challenges and return to independent living.

About Our Programs

HealthSouth Hospitals offer specialized programs for stroke survivors. A neurologist or a physiatrist, a doctor specially trained in physical medicine and rehabilitation, directs each stroke rehabilitation program and is assisted by an experienced rehabilitation nursing and therapy staff.

Program Features/Benefits

  • Seamless transition back home through two levels of care:

- Inpatient
- Outpatient

  • Case management
  • Highly specialized staff

- Therapists trained in neuro-IFRAH or neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT) techniques
- Certified rehabilitation nurses
- Focus on neuroprotection and neuro plasticity

  • Comprehensive patient/family education
  • Support groups
  • More than 1,500 managed care contracts nationwide
  • Accreditation by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
  • Other specialized services

- Orthotics
- Respiratory therapy
- Neuropsychology
- Second Chance stroke screenings

HealthSouth Hospitals are the largest provider of inpatient rehabilitation in the United States, with 94 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, 10 long-term acute care hospitals and 101 outpatient satellites.

Our network of highly skilled physicians, nurses and therapists utilizes the most advanced equipment and techniques to return patients to home and work. Our mission at HealthSouth is to provide every patient with high-quality, cost-effective care that will enhance quality of life.

* National Rehabilitation Caucus