Amputee Rehabilitation

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospitals offer the clinical, technical and professional resources necessary to provide individualized treatment programs that promote progress toward independence and help patients live without limits.

Therapeutic Objectives

The Amputee Rehabilitation Program focuses on the unique needs of each individual by helping him or her achieve the highest possible level of independence. Objectives of the program include:

  • Pre-prosthetic instruction
  • Prosthetic gait training
  • Instruction in skin care
  • Prosthetic limb maintenance

Individualized Care

Upon entering the program, patients are evaluated by our team of rehabilitation professionals, and an individualized treatment plan is established.

Team members may include:

  • Physical therapists - work to improve strength, endurance and mobility.
  • Occupational therapists - improve daily living skills.
  • Dietitians - provide nutritional evaluation and support.
  • Rehabilitation nurses
  • Physician - to address case and disease management.
  • Case manager
  • Other team members may include psychologists, wound specialists and prosthetists.

The treatment plan is designed to accomplish therapeutic goals through a sequence of measurable, achievable steps. Therapeutic goals include:

  • Improving general and specific muscle strength
  • Educating the patient and his or her family concerning skin care and maintenance of prosthesis
  • Shaping limb for prosthetic fit
  • Teaching independence in ambulation with/without prosthesis
  • Increasing independence in daily living skills
  • Developing coping skills for patient and family adjustment to the physical change and challenges
  • Facilitating community re-entry
  • Assisting with return to work and job modification

Special Features

  • Interdisciplinary team approach
  • Functional tools to address patient confidence in ambulation and balance
  • Community re-entry facilitation
  • Case management
  • High-quality therapy
  • Family conferences/education
  • Full continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs
  • Amputee clinic


Patients are accepted to the Amputee Rehabilitation Program by physician referral, and services are provided without regard to the patient's age, sex, color, race, national origin, creed or disability.

Admission Criteria

To be admitted into the Amputee Rehabilitation Program, the patient must:

  • Be medically stable
  • Have reasonable potential for improvement
  • Have demonstrated impairment in mobility and other self-care activities

Amputee Clinic

On the third Tuesday of each month, we offer an amputee clinic where podiatrists, orthopedic physicians, JP&O, case management and physical therapists are available for consult. Please call 870 933-5183 for an appointment.

Contact Us

For more information about the Amputee Rehabilitation Program or to make a referral, please call 870 932-0440.