Get Hip and Healthy and Get Back to Life

HealthSouth's Hip and Healthy Program

Advanced Help for Your Hips

There's never been a better time to get hip and healthy. Because HealthSouth offers the innovative Hip and Healthy Program, specially designed to help hip patients get back to normal activities. During your Hip and Healthy Program, you'll benefit from:

  • Important educational training for patients and their families
  • Helpful pointers for fall prevention
  • Specially-designed exercises to target sustained activity tolerance
  • Activities to encourage gait and balance progression
  • ADL training for every day chores and personal care
  • Adaptive Equipment
  • Individualized DME (Durable Medical Equipment) needs
  • Useful pain management techniques

Finding the Right Program Participant

The Hip and Healthy Program is ideal for patients who have experienced hip fractures and want to return to the daily tasks of a normal life, as independently as possible. Our staff of qualified professional therapists offers the latest innovations and training techniques to provide a well-rounded focus on overall hip mobility and pain management. The program goals are to accomplish the following:

  • Walk without assistance - or minimal assistance
  • Gain balance and coordination
  • Better prevent future falls
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Build endurance
  • Manage pain more efficiently
  • Complete every day tasks more easily

Participants may be referred by their physician, using their health insurance benefits. Or they can self-enroll and pay on their own. Either way, it's a great way to increase quality of life, with licensed therapists guiding the way.

Reach for Healthier Hips Today

Give your hips the help they need to get back to a normal life. Call 870 932-0440 to find out more about HealthSouth's Hip and Healthy Program. It just may be the ticket to a better life.