What Would You Have Done?

The talk of the nation this week, of course, is about Virginia Tech University.

Consider This...

It is another senseless killing of nearly three-dozen innocent victims for reasons that most likely will remain unknown. What amazes me is that even before the investigation could be started, the arm-chair-second-guessers, mostly media people, were criticizing or questioning how the Virginia Tech police and administration handled the situation.

I understand that we all want to know the why and how - but for goodness sake - what would you have done?

This horrific tragedy shook the nation... the worst massacre in American history. And yet in Baghdad this type of tragic death happens almost on a weekly basis. Can you imagine having a heartbreaking event like this every week?

Even with the recently released video from the alleged killer we will most likely never understand how someone could commit such a despicable act. And yet we seem so quick to want to blame everyone but the devil who did it.