JPD Nabs Online Sexual Predators

JONESBORO-"I haven't done nothing but talk to a girl, and that's it."

Those are words from a man about to be charged with computer child pornography.

The Jonesboro Police Department has been working over the last few weeks on an internet pornography sting, which they say has landed quite a few surprises.

"The very first time I saw one of our detectives get on the internet and enter a chat room, within five to six minutes he had already engaged one person in conversation, that had sought him out. Within probably ten minutes of that conversation with that individual, he was already recieving explicit conversations as well as web cam video," said Lt. Nathan Oliver with the Criminal Investigation Division.

While the predators may be willing to bear it all, the biggest task, for detectives working this type of case, is identifying the perpetrators.

"Their name on the internet is usually a nickname or something like that. It takes a little while. They might give us a first name, but it usually takes a few conversations before we manage to get that information from them," said Oliver.

But patience is a virtue, and after a few short weeks JPD now has three men in custody.

The first is John Timbrook from Gentry. He is charged with computer child pornography and internet stalking of a child.

Then there's Anthony Sorrows from Paragould, he faces the same charges.

And Friday's arrest was made in Dezark. Taken into custody was Richard Hollis, who faces the charge of computer child pornography.

Investigators say all three men thought they were talking to girls from ages 12 to 14.

"It's very sexually explicit and very graphic visually, as far as the pictures they are sending and the live web cam shots that they are sending," said Oliver.The men ranged from their early 20's to their 60's.

Computers confiscated in these busts will be sent to the state for further investigation. *Story ideas or comments?  Email Will at