Region 8 Walks for Alzheimer's Association

April 21, 2007 - Posted at 6:01 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- One of the largest fundraisers for Alzheimer disease support programs was held Saturday...and there was a very special face leading the pack for the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk.

"We think memory should be a lifetime, not just part of a lifetime.  So we are working hard to find a cure," said co-chair Frank Broyles.

Region 8 worked to bring awareness to the Alzheimer's association Saturday during the annual Memory Walk.

"This is actually our first official walk for the northeast Arkansas area.  And so we are very proud of the response we've had for this event and it will be an annual event in Jonesboro," said Chairman Melanie Sparkman.

University of Arkansas athletic director coach Frank Broyles served as honorary co-chair.  His wife Barbara suffered from Alzheimer's for eight years.

"I think it's the disease of the decade and we've got to find a way to help the people who are caregivers first and at the same time, research is trying to find a cure for it," said Broyles.

Nationwide, donors have raised more than $200 million dollars for programs and services to support individuals with Alzheimer's disease.  Money raised Saturday will stay in Region 8, helping to fund Respid home care.

"It's important for people to get involved for two is to make aware the many people who serve as caregivers do not know all the things that are out there to help them....going through this terrible time," said Broyles, "And we are also making it aware so our congressmen and our senators at home will try to put more money into research to find a cure and find it quickly."

"They know that something has to be done and research has to be done, awareness has to be done.  and education, helping people cope with the day to day living of Alzheimer's because Alzheimer's  not only effects the individual suffering, but more than that the family," said Sparkman.

To make a donation, contact the Alzheimer's Assocation at or call 501-265-0027.

For more information about Memory Walk or other upcoming events and resources, contact the Alzheimer's Assoxiation at 1-800-272-3900 or log onto