Jonesboro Celebrates Earth Day

April 21, 2007 - Posted at 10:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO-Saturday was a celebration of Mother Earth.

Green was the official color of the day as dozens of Jonesboro residents gathered at  Craighead Forrest Park to show their appreciation for a clean environment.

It was the city's 6th annual Earth Day celebration, but this year they even added Arbor Day to the celebration, so that all aspects of mother earth's beauty were honored.

"Trees are essential to life. Without them the earth would be bare and draft."

As Mayor Formon read his proclamation, the community gathered for a joint celebration.

"This is a way to teach our community how to take care of our planet," said Gina Gomez.

Taking care of the planet has become a top priority.

"I think it's becoming more and more important that we recognize our environment. Certainly with the global warming issues and our reliance on oil production. I think we are in a transition now, culturally where we are going to become more green and become more conscious of what our environment does for us," said Jason Wilkie.

Jonesboro has just now met the national average when it comes to recycling.

Environmentalists are now turning to our kids.

"Our generations are not doing too well. We think by starting early, they will be the police of recycling in their homes, and that their parents will capture the habit," said Judith Long.

Therefore Mother Earth was on hand to teach kids a few things about recycling.

One of the more eye catching moments was when a giant tree planter added a new leaflet of beauty to Craighead Forrest Park.

As kids fished and fed the ducks while admiring mother nature's beauty, they too also had a few things to say about Earth Day.

"Earth day keeps earth clean, and we keep a good environment. If we don't your body gets sick and the earth might get polluted," said 10 year old Zach Churchwell.

"Earth day means....don't throw away trash, and keep cans," said 6 year old Brianna Chapman.

"When you use stuff, recycle, and throw stuff away. When you recycle pretty much," said 9 year old Christian Elliot.

When Saturday's joint- Earth and Arbor Day celebration concluded, there was one thing left to say.

"We just need to try our best to keep the earth clean."

One new program being started in Jonesboro is asking people to recycle their plastic planting pots by giving them back to local nurseries so they can be reused again.

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