Downtown Crossings

JONESBORO - For pedestrians Main Street in Jonesboro can be a dangerous place.  Many drivers speed through downtown making crossing the street a perilous proposition.

"We see a lot of cars traveling at a high rate of speed with a high rate of pedestrians walking down here or living down here," said Clay Young.

"I come across here a lot and I find that they don't pay much attention to anybody in the crosswalks," said Martha Caldwell.

"Every now and then you have somebody that does stop and you really appreciate that," said Caldwell.

The speed limit on Main Street is 25 miles per hour.

"People are supposed to stop or slow down.  You yield for people crossing the marked crosswalks even when they're not at an intersection," said Jonesboro Police Officer John Porbeck.

Officers do saturation patrols every now and then but can't be down here all the time.  That's why they depend on motorists and pedestrians to follow the signs and the law.

"For some reason the mindset here is heading north of town.  For some reason they don't realize that there's someone there waiting to cross," said Young.

In the past three years there have only been three accidents involving pedestrians.

"It's a very dense urban population but things need to be slowed down or somebody is really going to get hurt," said Young.