New Facilities for Animal Control

It has been over two years since conversation began regarding the construction of new animal control facilities in Jonesboro. There has been quite a bit of debate and discussion, which is always a good, but at some point the discussion needs to lead to action. It is time to move forward.

Consider This...

The city council members serving on the various committees involved in the project have performed their due diligence in determining the needs associated with the new facility. Jonesboro Police Chief Michael Yates who now oversees animal control is right to think long term. As the city grows the facility needs to have the capability of growing as well. With history as a guide you think we would learn to look towards the future since we are now dealing with so many issues of poor planning.

Fortunately most of the city council members are trying to move the process forward, but for some reason Alderman Jim Hargis wants to take the cheap way out. Nearly all parties are in agreement that a facility that will meet the current needs and allow for future growth would run slightly over $900,000, Mr. Hargis wants to construct a $400,000 building.

I can envision, and smell, the nice pole barn right now with dogs, cats and maybe even Rutty the pot-bellied pig all running around with some nice fans keeping them cool in the heat of August. That's the nice progressive image the city is trying to present.

City Council, the due diligence period is over; it's time to move forward to construct a facility that will safely and humanely handle the animal control issues of Jonesboro