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UPDATED:  April 24, 2007 at 5:51 p.m. CDT

DONIPHAN, MO-It was a quiet and remote area off rural route three, where the Ripley County Sheriff's Department made a startling discovery.

"When we arrived at that residence, we discovered the deceased body of a female believed to be the missing person, Heather Donnell," said Sheriff Adam Whitton.

Now 46 year old Eddie Marshall is the prime suspect facing first degree murder charges.

"It was visible that the deceased had a head injury. We are trying to determine if the head injury was the cause of death and what caused the head injury," said Whitton.

Heather Donnell's body has been sent to the state for an autopsy.

Meahwhile, her 2001 Pontiac Aztec SUV is also missing and considered stolen.   It is a bluish grey color.

She and her vehicle were last seen over the weekend.

"She was working here in town Sunday evening and was supposed to pick up her child after work and did not show up to pick up her child. They considered that to be out of the ordinary for her," said Whitton.

Those that worked with Donnell agree.

"Somebody like Heather who is always precise to do everything she is supposed to do all the time and very committed to everything. I just couldn't believe it happened," said Julie Brooks.

"She was serious about her job and wanted to do good. Her son Gavin was sick. She devoted her time after work to him," said Ollie Horne.

What's frightening, however, is that co-workers had heard her talk of Marshall.

"The suspect they have in mind, she had spoke of him. He gave her a wierd feeling," said Jada Civils.

That feeling just might have been a premonition of the bad that was yet to come.

"He would come in here and he would shop. We get a lot of drifters, and you hope that in a small community that you are safe, but you are not," said Horne.Again authorities are asking for your help.

They are looking for, 46 year old Eddie Marshall who is facing first degree murder charges.

They are also looking for Donnell's 2001 Pontiac Aztec with Missouri tags 821 XLG.

It's is blueish grey in color.

If you have information call the Ripley County Sheriff's Department at 573-996-5555.

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DONIPHAN, MO - Authorities in Doniphan and Ripley County are busy this morning investigating an apparent murder.

Sheriff Adam Whittom told K8 News that the body of a "female victim" was discovered at approximately 3 p.m. yesterday.  Whittom says authorities believe the body is that of a woman who was reported missing on Monday morning.  Whittom says his department is awaiting confirmation of the victim's identity.

***UPDATE*** (updated at 2:49 a.m.)

K8 News has also learned that the victim's body was discovered inside "a rural Ripley County residence.  Upon arrival, a white female was found deceased inside the residence," said Sheriff Whittom.  In addition, a "2001 Pontiac Aztek bearing Missouri license #821 XLG is missing from the scene and is believed to be stolen."

Authorities are searching for 46 year old Eddie L. Marshall for a first degree murder charge in the case.

Anyone with information about the case is urged to contact the Ripley County Sheriff's Department at 573-996-5555.