Boy Takes Charge Calling 911 to Help Younger Brother

WALNUT RIDGE, AR -- The quick thinking of an eight-year-old boy helps save the life of his younger brother.

"He was sitting there in the chair and then all the sudden he fell out and we didn't know what happened," said Dakota Bailey.

On Saturday, the Bailey family was celebrating the birthday of their youngest child.

"We were sitting there in front of his cake getting ready to blow out the candles when all the sudden he fell over," said William Bailey.

Their mom Elizabeth made the first 911 call, but was too upset to get her point across.  That's when Dakota stepped in.

"He felt like she wasn't doing a good enough job so he ran and got my cell phone and called 911," said Bailey.

"While dad performed CPR on the young boy, Dakota directed the 911 dispatchers to his house explaining what was wrong with his brother.

9-1-1 dispatcher:  "How old is your brother?"

Dakota:  "Five years old.  He just had a birthday today."

9-1-1 dispatcher:  "Five years old.  Okay.

Dakota:  "He just had a birthday today.  He's dying."

9-1-1 Dispatcher:  "Ok, listen to me.  We've got an ambulance on the way."

How did this young boy know to call 911?

"My mom and dad taught me ever since I was one year old," said Dakota Bailey.

"I think all parents ought to teach their children how to dial 911 and what to tell them," said William Bailey.

It's still unclear what did happen to Austin on Saturday.  Doctors believe he may have had a seizure.