Building Green

JONESBORO, AR -- There's a big push across the nation to "go green."  So what does it mean and is it something that's catching on here in Region 8?  Apparently, more so than you may think.  Local developer, Eric Eaves and his crews are building for the future with the area's first energy efficient's designed to cut heating and cooling costs with geo-thermal heating and cooling.  He's says he's able to save his average homeowner as anywhere between fifty and one hundred dollars per month.

"Being green" can be as easy as buying local products or re-purposing old buildings.  The most important thing to remember is that being green is a lifestyle.  It affects every aspect of your life from the home you live in to the car you drive to the clothes you decide to wear.

Local architect, Paul Hoelscher with Stuck and Associates architects is certified by a group called L.E.E.D., or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  His firm is currently being considered to help build what could be the area's first L.E.E.D. certified builiding.  There are only a handful of L.E.E.D buildings in Arkansas...most of which are located in Little Rock.  The best known of which is the Clinton Library.

Hoelscher reminds people that it's important to check with your accountant for any possible tax incentives that may be available when adding "green" products to your home.  You can also get more information on the Internal Revenue Service website at